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Downtown Survey
Projects & Initiatives 
Up with Downtown Wallingford is aggressively looking for ways to improve the downtown for residents, visitors, store owners, landlords, and others. There are many ways of improving the economic vitality of a shopping district and Up with Downtown Wallingford is exploring them all.

We want your input, feedback, and advice. Together we can make Wallingford even better!
In the fall of 2014 Up with Downtown Wallingford began the process of surveying local store owners, landlords and shoppers to hear directly from them what will make Wallingford even better.

We received a great response but are still seeking input. Contact us with your suggestions and be a part of Up with Downtown Wallingford.
Some Thought Provoking Ideas
Even during our initial start-up we've been receiving some intriguing ideas for downtown. Here's a few: 

  • Pride: The first one is a no-brainer. We all need to respect our historic downtown and take pride in it. Maintain our iconic Gazebo, sidewalks, decorative bricking, and benches throughout downtown. Every resident, shopper, store owner, and Town official should take pride in downtown and care for it.

  • Facade Improvement Program: Public-private effort where store owners can apply for matching grants to improve their storefront should be expanded. Perhaps, commercial landlords should be eligible for grants to improve their parking lots and the  facade of their upper floors.

  • Model Store: Identify one store and through a community effort, make it a showcase for what others can do. It would serve as a model and incentive. 

  • ​Community Theater: Identify one large commercial building for development/tenancy for a community theater group.  

  • Downtown Market: Create a year-round market for produce, crafts, antiques, food court, with the participation of local restaurants and shops.

  • Transit Center: How does Wallingford leverage the new train station to benefit downtown?
Interested in learning more?
Dedicated to the promotion, development, and revitalization of our beautiful downtown
Our Wish List
  • An involved and engaged community interested in downtown improvements
  • Promotion of our historic sites and town 
  • Grow and develop downtown Wallingford as a destination for shoppers, diners, from near and far
  • ​Infrastructure improvements for parking, sidewalks, roads, plantings, and other street amenities
  • Environmentally friendly, transit oriented development to bring homeowners, renters and businesses to downtown
  • Revitalization of lower Center Street
  • Creative programs to incentivize developers and businesspeople